Friday, 6 January 2012


This is the book that alerted me to the possibility that the intelligence of children can be increased. It pointed me in the right direction, if you will:

'How to raise a brighter child' Joan Beck

Which led me to:
'Kindergarten is too late' Masaru Ibuka
'Nurtured with love' Shinichi Suzuki
‘Kids who start ahead, stay ahead,’ Dr Neil Harvey, 1994, Avery publishing group (Paperback, £7.99)
'Children learning' Tizard and Hughes

And the books that contain the IAHP programme for early development (by Glenn Doman* and associates):
How smart is your baby? (Includes a review of the causes of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome)
How to teach your baby to read
How to teach your baby to swim
How to teach your baby to be physically superb
How to teach your baby math
How to multiply your baby’s intelligence

(*Doman also wrote 'What to do about your brain-injured child'. Possibly the best book I've ever read.)


Why love matters, by Sue Gerhardt
Why babies need loving one-to-one care. And the chemical changes to the brain which happen when babies needs are not met,

I shall expand on each of these books in separate posts, in due course.

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