Saturday, 24 September 2016

Enquiring Minds, Thursday group, Spring 2017 term. Topics

U3A Enquiring Minds (Thursday group) Programme for Spring 2017
5/1/17 Political correctness; is it time for those offended to be less offended so that discussions can take place in a reasonable and logical way?
12/1/17 Is it moral to eat meat? Two questions outstanding from last time: “Who or what controls your thermostat?” “Meat production (factory farming) is morally wrong”
19/1/17 Should we all be responsible for our own health? For our own well-being, as members of this society; reducing healthcare burden, extending lives of industrious people, and being there for our families as parents, grandparents, etc.
26/1/17 Climate change/global warming is the biggest threat that we face. What can we do as individuals, in response?. 
2/2/17 It's nice to be important but more important to be nice. What are your thoughts about nice and important?
9/2/17 Optimism; should we all make an effort to be optimistic?
16/2/17  Altruism; selfless or selfish?
23/2/17 Our thought processes are more important than our circumstances or achievements in influencing our happiness.
2/3/17 Should happiness be taught in schools?
9/3/17  Charity: Is it a help - or a hindrance?
16/3/17 3 spare weeks:            ]
23/3/17 Please fill with             ]
30/3/17 Your suggestions        ]
6/4/17 Get-together with Wednesday group 

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